This course is an introduction to the basic elements, concepts and principles of design. It comprises specific assignments to develop mental and manual skills to deal with the design problems at hand and to form visual and formal values for forming compositional unities in two and three dimensions.

The course objective is to familiarize students with the elements of design; perceptual laws of visual organization (Gestalt Theory); principles of design; and formal and spatial characteristics. Students are expected to develop their ability of making use of the principles of design, to organize design elements consciously so as to form compositional unities in two and three dimensions, and forming orderly systems in which formal and spatial characteristics, such as scale and proportion or solids and voids, are consciously considered.                      


  • Mimarl覺kta 10 Kitap, Vitruvius
  • Yaayan Mimari, S. E. Rasmussen
  • Bir Mimarl覺a Doru, Le Corbusier
  • Mekan覺n Poetikas覺, G. Bachelard
  • Örencilerle Söyleiler Dizisi 1, Louis Kahn
  • Örencilerle Söyleiler Dizisi 2, Rem Koolhaas
  • Tenin Gözleri, J. Pallasmaa
  • Mimar覺n Soluu, 襤. Bilgin
  • Sadeletirmeler, Z. Tanal覺
  • 20.yy Türkiye Mimarl覺覺, D. Hasol
  • Görme Biçimleri, J. Berger
  • Görünmez Kentler, I. Calvino
  • Dünya Adil Deil, O. Niemeyer
  • Mimarl覺覺n Öyküsü, L. M. Roth
  • Sanat覺n Öyküsü, E. M. Gombrich
  • Mutluluun Mimarisi, Alan de Botton
  • Mimarca Deinmeler, Gürhan Tümer
  • Mimarl覺k Dergisi
  • Yap覺 Dergisi
  • XXI
  • Arredamento Mimarl覺k



  • Computer (Desktop Computer -with camera, headphone and microphone for the online distance learning via ZOOM Meetings- or Laptop, capable to run AutoCAD, Sketchbook, Sketch-up and etc., Load ZOOM for online education)
  • Internet Access
  • Camera or Mobile phone with Camera (For taking photos of your drawings and models)
  • Model Materials (Cardboards, Corrugated Cardboards, Wooden Sticks, Balsa Sheets, Strings/Wires, Meshes, Metal Sheets, Papers, Nails, Glass Plates, and other materials according your creative usage proposal)
  • Drawing Materials (Please check the ARCH 131 Course Web Page for detailed list of drawing materials.)
  • Working/Drawing Table (a rectangular table or a smooth surface plate with 90 degree edges.)